Натали раскрыла секрет стройной фигуры после родов The actress refused to diets. Singer Natalie has always fascinated fans of a fit body. The celebrity admitted that he is not an ardent fan of gyms, and physical activity and her lack of during household chores.
Натали раскрыла секрет стройной фигуры после родов

In early April, a famous singer Natalie became a mother for the third time. Despite the worries about the baby, the actress decided not to stay long at home and already being engaged in creative activities. Fans always admire the slim 43-year-old celebrity. How did you find the journalists, Natalie not exhausting yourself diets – she is not a supporter of hungry days, and to sports halls is without fanaticism.

“My long-term food system is called “two palms”. Fold your palms in the shape of a bowl and get the amount of recommended food portions. And these two hands I eat every three hours. Even if it is late evening, time to sleep, but appetite. The body gets used to the portions, have time to digest them, but with this system you will never be hungry. And the food can be any. Even the cake, but observe the volume and time interval,” – said Natalie.

The actress admitted that is happy to cook for the whole family. She talked about signature dish, beloved by her family – chicken soup with noodles. Despite the fact that many celebrities have a staff of helpers, with some responsibilities at home artist cope itself. The singer admitted that physical exercise her enough during the cleaning of the apartment. However, for help with the care of seven-year-old son Tolya celebrities have to seek the services of a nanny.

“But every time we have a family of replenishment, the most indispensable becomes the grandmother. In-law I have a great relationship. Mama Tonya, as I call it, helped me a lot with the older children helping now. When Roofing was born, she quit her job and moved from Dzerzhinsk, where I live and my parents and husband’s parents, to us, to Moscow”, – said the artist.

Natalie tries to do everything for her children to grow up self-sufficient individuals. It gives them the freedom of choice Hobbies and not forced to do what she thinks right or needed.

“In music school children do not go, and I like mom on their choice try not to influence. The older son as they grow older, interests change all the time. He played football, I wanted to do the cooking, I always wanted to be a priest. In this age throws from end to end, and parents, in my opinion, in any case should not press”, – shared the artist in an interview WomanHit.