Natalie has lost a loved one

Натали потеряла близкого человека In the family of the famous actress happened to the mountain: at the age of 63 years was not her aunt that she had the most warm and tender feelings. Bitter about the loss of Natalie was told in the social network. The singer also admitted, in the distant past, a close relative was her idol.
Натали потеряла близкого человека

28 July will forever remain a sad date for the family of singer Natalie. This day was not the aunt of the artist. About the bitter loss Natalie said in his microblog. Just four days before the death of a close relative of the singer was 63. Natalie said: as a child she tried to imitate the beloved aunt Tanya, moreover, the artist notes that looks somewhat similar to her.

Also the singer posted Instagram photos of yesteryear, where you can see the little Natalie, a young and beautiful Tanya, her husband and daughter. The singer did not specify what the woman was gone.

“Aunt Tanya, I let rest in peace! And the Kingdom of heaven will meet thee with love”, — wrote the artist in the social network.
Натали потеряла близкого человека

Unfortunately, this is not the first of such bitter loss in the life of the famous singer. A few months ago, she told the public about what you chose to remain silent for several years failed was her third pregnancy. Misfortune happened after the triumphant return of Natalie on the big stage. Though the term was little, the singer felt had to be born daughter.

“Due to the popularity of my third pregnancy did not take place. Today for the first time talking about it. I wasn’t able to protect her in that moment. Learned how? Two bands on tour. I understood: something here not so, began the wrong selection… it seemed to Me that I was standing on the stage, and I’m like all rush…,” said Natalie.

The actress blamed myself that I was not able to save the baby, but then resigned to the loss. Soon the singer became pregnant again, her third child was born, a boy. Worth noting: mother of many children came rather quickly in good physical shape. Natalie admits that in pursuit of a beautiful body turned for help to a plastic surgeon. The singer changed the shape of the breast, which she refused breastfeeding after the birth of two younger sons. Unlike many celebrities the actress also says frankly, making Botox injections in order to get rid of the hated wrinkles.

“Beauty injections, Botox. Favorite Botox! He said to me that really stuck, went. Even a person managed to some extent to improve: the forehead, around the eyes. Another thread I did, I liked it, times three,” shared Natalie.

Natalie lost a third child