Natalie has given a big secret of her pregnancy

Натали выдала большой секрет своей беременности
The singer thanked his girlfriend for the birth of her third child.

Natalie and Victoria Raydos

Photo: @Instagram natali_star74 Natalie

For anybody not a secret that Natalie and her husband Alexander Rudin for many years tried in vain to become parents again. And when the artist was in despair and was ready to forget about this idea, she could get pregnant. The other day Natalie confessed that she became a mother at 43, thanks to the meeting with the psychic. It turned out that before the singer with her husband managed to conceive another son, Natalie met with Victoria Raydos the winner of the show “Battle of psychics.”

It is the psychic, in the view of the stars helped her to get rid of the blocks that have prevented from ever again becoming a mother. “She calls herself a witch…But for me Victoria native, sorceress, she gave me hope. I believed in your power, because of its kind and… gave birth to her dear child! He needed our family. And the wick swargaputhree man… don’t go read…Learn from it…” said Natalie.

Fans were surprised to hear the details of pregnancy, Natalie. For many, this topic came up, but Natalie didn’t want to reveal all the secrets of Victoria. By the way, in a recent interview the singer said that they are ready to become a mother for the fourth time. Natalie was of the view that if the fate she is destined to become again a mother, then she will be very glad.