Natalie has experienced a miscarriage

Натали пережила выкидыш
The next issue of “the Secret to a million” with Leroy Kudryavtseva was devoted to the popular singer Natalie, who openly answered the questions leading.

Натали пережила выкидыш

The performer is the large mother, but it turned out that a few years ago she lost her third child. She miscarried in early pregnancy.

“Due to the popularity of my third pregnancy did not take place. Today for the first time talking about it. I wasn’t able to protect her in that moment. Learned how? Two bands on tour. I knew something was wrong here, wrong started spotting… I thought that standing on stage and I’m like all rush…

Натали пережила выкидыш

I tried to tell all these years… I Have another profession, but I failed to save the child. The deadline was two months and a half, a lifeless fetus. Terrible news… There was nowhere to pull, could get infected blood. When I went to this forced abortion, called my mom and sister and asked: “Pray for me”. To me, it seemed that I would die. I begged for forgiveness from the child that I once again ended up with that stupid wings that can not afford people…” said Natalie.

Recall that last year, the singer for the third time became a mother, giving wife a son.

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