Natalie has dedicated a new song Valerie!

Натали посвятила новую песню Валерии!

The song already promises to become a new Internet hit.

New song Natalie has not had time to head all the existing charts, but that she dwell in your cell phone, no one doubts.

The video was posted online just days ago, and fans of creativity, Natalie has managed to send always to blame Pushkin for vacation. And no wonder!

“Notes on the life you laid out. What’s wrong, ask Prigogine!” reads a line from a song.

However, the star producer in this story is still not the main character. Conceiving the creation of new songs, Natalie thought… Valerie! Yes! It is this remarkable artist on a new song.

Why? Why? The fact that Natalie always loved the song Valerie. And no one can deny some similarities in appearance between the women. Hair color, haircut, and even… the voice! During the performance, Natalie on the show “Toch-V-Toch” with the song “the Clock” viewers literally could not believe my eyes. Well cannot be that someone could be so close to the original!

Valeria was delighted with the parody itself. By the way, the song “Ask Prigogine” she, too, relished.

The composition turned out very life-affirming. In her popular singer advises his listeners to never lose heart and always be yourself.

“You smile at yourself today itself. And love yourself such as it is. This morning take a SIP of happiness. Accept yourself like that, what created God,” she sings.