Natalie complained of terrible morning sickness

Натали пожаловалась на жуткий токсикоз The artist was very hard. As admitted Natalie, in the first four months it felt discomfort, but she tried to be brave and set yourself up for the best. Star believes that correct thoughts rescued her from the hospital.

      Singer Natalie is the third time to become a mother. Until the sixth month of pregnancy, the artist concealed his interesting position. As reported by the star, in April she and her husband have born another boy. Pregnant Natalie revealed the sex of the baby

      Natalie continued to work in the first trimester of pregnancy, although it was not easy during this period. The woman had serious health problems, but tried to stay optimistic and positive Outlook on life.

      “I’m four months suffered from toxemia. And it is long and hard, usually this nasty condition quicker. And I’m seven times a day hugging the toilet, but still went absolutely happy! Think: “With severe morning sickness in hospital on a drip put, but I still at home – so all I have is good”. And ran again to the toilet. And then to the fridge – to eat and drink, to somehow force you to support it. Well, no, I think I can not bring to the hospital! Here on this positive and survived that terrible period,” admitted Natalie.

      The actress said that her husband was surprised when I learned that they have a third child. Natalie and Alexander believed that fate gave them their first two sons, because before that she had a miscarriage and missed abortion. And the birth of the third child Natalie predicted the winner of the sixteenth season of “Battle of psychics” Victoria Raydos. The witch said that next to the artist is a phantom who wants to be born in this life. Husband stars did not expect that the prediction will come true.

      “He stared at me and asked: “Where?!” Of course he was joking, but at first I was so surprised that I didn’t know how to answer. Indeed, where are the children?” – said Natalie.

      According to the singer of the hit “Oh what a man!” children Arseny and Anatoly has welcomed the forthcoming addition to the family. Natalie herself explained in an interview with “Telenedelya” that its haunted by a fear that was probably instilled by her Soviet upbringing. Many years ago condemned birth after 40 years. The singer admitted she didn’t feel like at this age and trying to eradicate his fear.