Natalie changed her life through esoteric

Натали изменила жизнь с помощью эзотерики The singer admitted that for a long time could not begin to properly handle the finances. She said that after a series of special lectures was to adhere to fundamentally different positions about the money.

      Singer Natalie told what it means for her financial well-being. She never tried to earn millions, so were skeptical about the economic crisis and always try to ignore all the elements of luxury living. In her words, “rich” habits to no good do not lead, but only force people to buy things that would soon be unnecessary. For a long time the celebrities don’t even have their own purse because she trusted calculation of Finance to your spouse.

      Singer Natalie warned family tragedy Victoria Raydos

      It should be noted that just recently Natalie still bought a purse, which now holds currency. She said that he did it because, most likely, have revised their views on life. When she was fascinated by the lectures of a famous esoteric, understanding of how to dispose of income, forced the artist to change the principles.

      “I understand that money is energy and it must be treated with respect, with gratitude. Enthusiastic lectures Natalia Saffron. She says that money has always come under the “very tasty” idea. It should sound to be bright — then the finances will come out of nowhere. And you know, I believe her. Now is the time, when really this could happen. And not so long ago I have a need to have purse that was laying there koparki. Apparently, growing up,” told Natalie.

      Speaking on the topic of Finance, the star explained that when she married at age 17, immediately came under the guardianship of her husband who kept a young wife for money matters. Even as a child, Natalie felt all the hardships of the average Soviet man. According to the memoirs of the actress, she and coupons used, and stood in queues for hours, but her parents were able to correctly distribute the budget, so the financial difficulties their family experienced.

      Now, when the singer grows 10-year-old son, she Willy-nilly start to think about what to spend and where to save. The heir to Natalie repeatedly put her in an awkward position when it was a question of Finance. The woman is surprised that at so an early age the boy is interested in a budget. This, according to the celebrity, suggests that to date, all unfortunately tied around money. And this process, as stated by the singer, can be observed even in children at an early age.

      Everything else, in an interview, Natalie said that does not like to go shopping because it is time consuming and puts the case unnecessary things that a celebrity soon gives people. The singer doesn’t hide, she loves to pamper herself, since she sees this absolutely necessary.

      “To some extent I am afraid of luxury. It is weighing me down. I looked at this lifestyle and I realized that I don’t like very posh stuff. Here, for example, take the crane. If it is extremely expensive, it will necessarily separate handles for hot and cold water. But it is impossible to use! If you have already invented a faucet that mixes hot and cold water, and you can open it with my elbow when hands are dirty, then why all this luxury?” – told the artist in an interview.