Natalie baptized two month old baby

Натали крестила двухмесячного малыша The singer told, how was the mystery. The ceremony was held in one of the capital’s temples in the presence of family and friends. Two months Jack was calm and didn’t cry. According to Natalie, the boy was satisfied.
Натали крестила двухмесячного малыша

A week ago the youngest son of Natalie and Eugene, two months old. My parents decided that it was time to baptize the child. As recognized by the actress, they were very lucky with the weather, the day was warm. For ordinances chose the Moscow Church “the Sign”.

“The baptism was held magically. During this rite you never know how to be missing children, and different ages, and about the kids and say nothing. You can throw anything. Eugene we could find for these two months. Character is already developed. It is in principle fairly peaceful kid, but likes to dress and undress,” said the singer.

According to celebrity, Jack surprised her during the ceremony. Despite the fact that it has been dipped in cold water, the boy behaved very courageously.

“Jack didn’t make a peep. I initially covered up, afraid that now begin to give a concert, but his son enjoyed it, he was looking up somewhere. And when it into the font dipped (like expected), barely squeaked, but immediately calmed down. Word, Eugene was pleased, he enjoyed it,” – said Natalie.

At the christening was attended by chief editor of the project “StarHit” and TV presenter Andrey Malakhov. In the near future he will prepare a new edition of the program “Let them talk”, dedicated to the joyful event in the life of Natalie.

Godparents Eugene became the sister of the singer Olesya and eldest son Arseny. The heir to the artist carefully kept brother’s arms while the priest performed the ritual. According to the singer, the boys help her to babysit the youngest child.

The family of the singer Natalie arguing over a newborn baby

“Older sometimes I ask Eugene to hold on his hands, and he said, “Oh, I can’t, my hands are dirty”. I – Sene: “here he is screaming hungry”. Senya younger too cautious, afraid: suddenly something will break. And Roofing, on the contrary, treats Eugene like a toy, takes it by the handles, the songs he sings. In his eyes and the eyes need constantly shouting: “be Careful!” Although the kid on roofing responded well, he likes his voice. Apparently, Eugene baby hears ringing tone, and they attract. It seems a bit early, but the kid was talking to him, mutters something,” Natalie said in an interview