Natalie baptized his youngest son

Натали крестила младшего сына
It’s been two months since the famous singer Natalie became a mother for the third time.

Натали крестила младшего сына

She gave her husband a son Eugene.

Натали крестила младшего сына

Finally, the young parents decided that it was possible to baptize the baby. In recognition of the singer, the younger son behaved very quietly and boldly, even when I dipped it in cold water, not crying.

“Jack didn’t make a peep. I initially covered up, afraid that now begin to give a concert, but his son enjoyed it, he was looking up somewhere. And when it into the font dipped (like expected), barely squeaked, but immediately calmed down. Word, Eugene was pleased, he enjoyed it,” shared Natalie.

Recall that the couple have two older son, Arseny and Anatoly.

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