Natalia Zemtsova radically solved the problem of freckles

Наталья Земцова кардинально решила проблему веснушек
Star of TV series “Kitchen” and “Sea devils” got rid of one of their complexes.

Natalia Zemtsova

Photo: from personal archive of Natalya Zemtsova

To look perfect, Natalia Zemtsova works tirelessly to each other. Even
being in an interesting position (the actress a son Ivan – Approx. ed.),
left sports, go swimming, doing fitness, playing Golf. Thanks
it scored a total of 9 extra pounds very quickly got rid of them. And
continuing training, acquired the ideal press with a designed oblique muscles

Of course, Natalia did not forget to care for the face: making masks, massage. And
only one did not respond to her efforts: the freckles that she had with
childhood. As if she was not plastered over with Foundation it stood out and
to the actress, detracted from her beauty. And after all, a means to get rid of
complex found. It was enough to change their attitude to the problem. The
more that the freckles in our time came into Vogue.

“Now photographers admire them, — says Natalya — the Directors
they say that freckles I decorate. And the husband (the soloist of group “Umaturman Sergei Kristovskiy – Approx. ed.) is very fond of them.”

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