Наталья Водянова наняла для детей репетитора по русскому языку The sons and daughter of the models will come to vacation only in the beginning of July, and while they have continuing academic year. Natalia Vodianova said “StarHit” about the success of the heirs. Celebrity is proud of Lucas, Neva and Viktor, and they, in turn, try to make mom happy.
Наталья Водянова наняла для детей репетитора по русскому языку

The end of the school year is an exciting time not only for students but for their parents. The mother of five children Natalia Vodianova is no exception: it closely monitors the progress of heirs. The model told “StarHit”, what successes have pleased 15-year-old Lucas, 11-year-old Neva and 9-year-old Victor, and the inmates of the Foundation “Naked hearts” before the summer break.

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Children Vodianova enrolled to an international school in Paris. “They teach French, English and Chinese languages, – said the “StarHit” Natalia. – Much attention is paid to the exact Sciences, computer science. Victor and Lucas these items are especially popular. All great achievers. Plus comes to my house tutor – piano lessons, Russian language and help with French grammar. In General, studying in France longer than in Russia, so the holidays for us to wait until 7 July”.

All three of them find time on different Hobbies. For example, Lucas loves to cook and wants to associate with cooking. Instagram model once published a picture of the son in the apron of the chef, noting that he really is.

“Lucas talent for baking, – shares with “StarHit” Vodianova. – On the day of birth, we organized a training with the legendary pastry chef at Le Meurice Cedric Grohl. Some desserts are prepared in seven days! Son managed not only to see how sweets are created, but also to participate in the process. He was very pleased”.
Наталья Водянова наняла для детей репетитора по русскому языку

The only daughter of a celebrity tipped a career as a model. The girl has a good appearance and has starred in several photo shoots. “Neva – creative nature – continues Natalia. – She enjoys drawing and reading. And Viktor, like many boys his age, loves football.”


Наталья Водянова наняла для детей репетитора по русскому языку

Vodianova takes heirs with him to travel. For them it is an opportunity not only to see the world, but also to find out what famous mom. Natalia is the founder of the Fund “Naked heart”.

Наталья Водянова наняла для детей репетитора по русскому языку“I am glad that Lucas, Neva and Viktor are already showing interest in my work with the Foundation, says the charity. They participated in various promotions of our organization. At the end of may we flew to Nizhny Novgorod, where the branch of the “Naked hearts”. For me this is another opportunity to visit his hometown and visit relatives. By the way, I brought in a small home and husband. Antoine first saw the Lower, the city he loved. I showed the center, and took the wife on a tour of the Kremlin. Then we visited schools and kindergartens, where the fourth year the Foundation runs a project teaching children with autism. It was the main purpose of our trip”.

Natalia with family talked with the teachers and congratulated schoolchildren with the end of the school year. “The guys are too pleased with good results – adds model. – Nizhny Novgorod is now in six schools and five kindergartens, there are special classes for children with autism. Ten years ago about such could only dream of. Most of them are branded “unteachable”.

The situation changed dramatically when the Fund’s experts familiarized the teachers with new methods of work, including: visual schedules, individual lesson plans, the use of additional communication. Glad the specialists and the parents actively support the project. Together we will succeed”.