Natalia Vodianova was convicted for the addition to the family

Наталью Водянову осудили за пополнение в семье
The model has been criticized because of a cat.

Photo: Instagram

It is known that the most “likes” on the Internet score stars and not politicians, and ordinary seals. Who would have thought that the innocent photo of her son Natalia Vodianova makes her followers angry indignation?

As it turned out, in the family of Natalia Vodianova was replenished. A new member of a large and happy family of models is cat named Galileo. On view baby is only 3-4 months. Natalia bought it in a French pet shop. Of course, the cat of the British breed has its own documents and some pedigree. This fact angered subscribers model.

“Thousands of cats die on the streets, in shelters can’t find the owners, and such a supposedly “noble” model takes and buys the cat for a fortune!” — they wrote in the comments.

Someone tried to defend Vodianova with a story that, in France, where Natalia resides with children and a husband, there is no such global problems as we have. But it did not help. “Accusers” even went to charitable activities Vodianova. Supposedly playgrounds, which builds the Foundation of the model “Naked heart” for children with disabilities, it is not necessary to the people.

Such allegations Vodianova, of course, the subscribers did not answer. She is used to the negativity on the web and no longer pays attention to him.