Natalia Vodianova told about secret passion of the eldest son

Наталья Водянова поведала о тайной страсти старшего сына Popular model told than keen on Lucas. 15-year-old heir to the stars held a master class from a famous chef. Mom is proud of the success of a teenager and said that the guy grows very talented.

World famous model Natalia Vodianova tries often to indulge followers shots with your children or talk about their Hobbies. The mother of four sons and one daughter proud heirs. The admiration of followers of a star of the catwalks evoke images of the eldest son Lucas. Many say that 15-year-old looks very impressive, and he should try himself in the modeling business. However, according to Natalia, her son interested in a completely different industry.

“My son, among other things (loves his mother, is brought up and does well) and still loves to cook. Here he is with legendary pastry chef Cedric Grohl. Some desserts are made in seven days! Lucas was able to work with Cedric and see how to make his masterpieces,” wrote Vodianova.

Fans of the model was thrilled with a new picture of Natalia. They noted that Lucas is very similar to his beautiful mother. “Wonderful family”, “Yeah, he really is the form of chef!”, “Son of a miracle, and handsome, and my mother’s joy! Awesome!”, “Oh, how posh! Congratulations! Working with such a master is worth it! Let him develop his talent!”, “A great guy with a wonderful mother!” – wrote in the comments on the page Vodianova.

About a month ago a model staged a stunning vacation with children in Tokyo. The family flew to Japan during the cherry blossom season, so the shots they made during the trip, turned out to be bright and juicy. Natalia’s fans think she hasn’t changed with age.

Natalia Vodianova comes off in Tokyo with a now grown-up children

“Natalia – the girl, the older sister looks rather, not mother”, “Natashenka, I can’t stop looking at babies! How quickly time flies! And you look just super! Younger every year”, “Natasha, the eldest son is an adult! You’re like brother and sister!” – I think the users of social networks.

Close Natalia emphasize that she can distribute the time that none of the five children not deprived of attention. “Natasha family like the sun, everything revolves around her. It is changing with the advent of each child, it becomes softer, more feminine. And today she has the opportunity to pay more attention to family than at the dawn of a modeling career,” admitted Granny models Larisa Viktorovna.