Natalia Vodianova told about positive changes in the life of a “special” sister

Наталья Водянова поведала о положительных изменениях в жизни «особенной» сестры Model Oxana in all. 30-year-old cousin Natalia Vodianova suffers from autism. However, thanks to the work of stars of the podium, the living conditions of children with disabilities in Russia are better.

Natalia Vodianova is the founder of the Fund “Naked heart”. Her organization has helped hundreds of children with various diseases to adapt in Russian society. The very star of the catwalk, knows firsthand how hard it is for these guys. Her 30-year-old sister Oksana from childhood suffers from autism and she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Their family lived in poverty, so Natalya had to start working. Vodianova managed to do so relative slowly began to get used to people and society.

“Oksana 30 years — and I can see that now she is much more aware, much more sees, feels much better all around. I was still upset, and she was laughing and was the happiest kid in the world. That is why I started to build play parks for families including those with special children who have nowhere to go with their difficulties and challenges. Today, I realize that if I hadn’t created the program of support of people like Oksana, she would be much more difficult. I never thought that my charitable activities so much impact on my personal life and my family’s life”, – said the model.

According to Vodianova, her sister was very glad when in Nizhny Novgorod opened a support center for families in which there are “special” children. Oksana even started to contact with other children with similar developmental problems.

“Oksana is the man who does not speak. But no one has the right to say that it is not man that her mind is not there are difficult battles with myself, with the world, what happen in each of us. I am grateful that Oksana is the life, there is a bitter experience, a positive experience. She lives a busy life and not sitting at home all the time, not knowing what is this world… Oksana loves to walk! They, along with my mom for 6 hours a day spend on the street. Oksana goes out with a bag and collects all the shiny, beautiful collects of the tube. In General, we clean the city”, – said Vodianova.

According to Natalia, yet many educational institutions in Russia are willing to adopt “special” children. Many kindergartens and schools operate on a strictly commercial basis. The amounts are assessed the tuition, can not afford the parents of these kids.

“The pension is meager, the garden of the child do not take… and if you take the special kid out there can be very bad, if not trained professionals. Remember when Oksana came to school (my sister profound autism and cerebral palsy), she began to cry — and it lasted until, until we came for her. We were told that if we don’t take her, she’ll just die, because every time just weakens his sobs. But, you know, it’s not Oksana or any other child with autism should adapt to the system. This system needs to adapt to it!” – said Vodianova in an interview