Наталья Водянова показала свою маму-красавицу
The famous model is very similar to its parent.

Photo: Instagram

Natalia Vodianova is a great joy! Her mother, Larisa Viktorovna, came to visit her in Paris. It is no secret that Vodianova with her children and her husband live in the capital of France.

The model has never hidden his mother, on the contrary. But it now became apparent how similar they are. Whether because her mother is now painted in the same color as her famous daughter, whether it is a play of light, or, as often happens, the older we get, the more evident traits of our parents.

Fans of Natalia noted that Larisa Viktorovna — a real beauty. And if she had aged daughter the same opportunities she would have looked as good (if not better!) And in this photo it is clearly visible that Vodianova mother’s eyes, so this glamorous look that beckons from the cover of the best magazines in the world, the model gave exactly the mother.

By the way, recently Natalia was first shown the photograph from all of her five children, and beloved husband, Antoine Arnault.

“Every child deserves a family, unconditional love, happiness and hope. I wish all the best to all mothers and those who dream of motherhood! PS. In the photo my entire squad — including the older,” — said Vodianova subscribers.