Наталья Водянова напугала поклонников снимком в купальнике
The Russian model showed the figure after only two months after giving birth.

Natalia Vodianova

Photo: @natasupernova Instagram Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova, who in June mom for the fifth time, not time of delivery showed his perfect figure. However, in swimsuit, Natalia appeared before fans for the first time. In the comments to the picture gathered a lot of wanting in detail to discuss the figure of the Russian top-model.

Of course, most were delighted. Such a slender body, like Natalia, can boast, not all women even after one pregnancy. What can we say about five? However, there were also those who felt that Vodianova looks more painful, and her, on the contrary, would not be enough to add a little weight. By the way, in order to have such a toned body, Natalia every day practicing yoga.

Recall that the fifth child Vodianova was born in one of the French elite clinics. Joyful event happened on the birthday of her current spouse, Antoine Arnault. Husband model was in seventh heaven. Meanwhile, Natalia has managed to get back to work. The model appeared on the catwalk just after three weeks after birth.

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