Natalia Vodianova remembered how narrowly escaped disaster

Наталья Водянова вспомнила, как чудом избежала беды Famous beauty began a modeling career at a very young age. In 17 years, the girl had moved to Paris at the invitation of one of the agencies. However, the fact that this company is unscrupulous, Natalia Vodianova learned immediately.

      Recently one of the most successful and famous Russian model Natalia Vodianova celebrated the anniversary – 35 years. Despite five children of their own, the owner of the Fund “Naked heart” for many years actively helping those in need, building a Playground, saves lives kids.

      But such opportunities have beauties were not always. Childhood Natasha was in Nizhny Novgorod, where he grew up in a modest family with a very special sister (the younger Oksana cerebral palsy – Approx. ed.), suffered bullying from classmates and tried hard to succeed.

      In 17 years, Vodianova was offered a contract with the Paris Agency, which, as it later turned out, not only provides models for shows, but also other services. To avoid trouble the girl helped the sixth sense.

      “I have an animal instinct that helps me to make decisions based on intuition. I came to Paris at the age of 17, but was replaced by the Agency almost immediately. The second night the agent sent me to the club with several men. Nothing happened, but I was a young girl, and I liked young men, and those men were of age. In a day or two I got a call from the Agency Viva, and offered to work with them. I immediately agreed”.

      Earning a prestigious reputation, money and a world famous philanthropist is recognized that happiness depends not on material wealth as many think. Remembering a difficult childhood, when the house was not only toys, but also food, Natalie says:

      “They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but this is known only to the rich. When you’re poor, then there is no time to think about the future, and the main thing is to find something to eat… When you are rich, you are constantly thinking about the future, but to focus on his goals are not so difficult. I’ve been poor and rich and I can say that money really doesn’t buy happiness”, – said Vodianova in an interview with British newspaper the Guardian.

      Despite this, the mother of many children trying to spoil their children, dressing them in the most relevant brands. So, one of the fashion shows, where Natalia went with daughter Neva, fans were discussing a handbag baby. The price of this accessory from the Lady Dior is one thousand euros.