Natalia Vodianova presented to the fans younger sister and shared his opinion on the choice of the President of the United States

Наталья Водянова представила поклонникам младшую сестру и поделилась мнением касательно выбора президента США

Natalia Vodianova is known not only as the Russian supermodel who conquered the Western world. Onaya is the founder of the Fund “Naked heart”, which has been helping people with features of development. On the establishment of the Fund, she was inspired by her own history – as we know, Vodianova has a younger sister Oksana, who from childhood is different from their peers.

Few people know, but except for Oksana’s mother Natalia has another sister Christina, who in the future may well be a worthy replacement for his famous relative in the world of fashion.

Kristina 20 years. She lives and studies in Washington. Upon completion of a higher educational institution, the girl got the profession of a critic.

The life of Christina closed from prying eyes, but sometimes Natalia deduces sister, and more recently publishes her pictures in his microblog.

So, the reason for the new publication U.S. elections. Vodianova has shared his opinion regarding what is happening in “the States.”

“It is impossible to be in Washington and not think about politics, however, about mixed feelings and expectations of people on the result of the presidential election in the USA last Tuesday. Kristina, my younger sister, who is studying in Washington, on yesterday’s evening walk, told me that her friend is of Indian origin on the day after the elections refused to take the driver of Uber, ethnically white American, accompanying it with the words: “And in General you will soon be deported”. My colleague on the Board of Directors of Special Olympics, Loretta, 63, admitted that today here in Washington, during a morning jog, it was called a taboo word beginning with “n”. For the first time in many decades. Hope this is temporary insanity, and not time travel back into the past,” wrote Vodianova.