Natalia Vodianova photographed in a provocative pose with a famous football player

Наталью Водянову засняли в провокационной позе с известным футболистом
What connects the model with Fedor Smolov?

Наталью Водянову засняли в провокационной позе с известным футболистом

Natalia Vodianova starred in a photo shoot, which is now discussing the whole Runet. Provocative the model is surrounded by several famous players graced the cover of glossy magazine Vogue. Ambiguous posture in which Vodianova is captured in the photo led many to fall on Natalya with criticism.

The idea of shooting clear, because was used the actual topic of the approaching World Cup football in 2018 will pass in Russia. However, users of social networks write about what I don’t understand why Vodianova posing for pictures astride Fyodor Smolova, not on the same Julian Draxler and Dani Alves, standing nearby. And, most importantly, why is the model straddled one of the athletes? “This is a hint that they’re together? But what about Arnaud?” — surprised fans of Natalia.

Model all condemnation said that the pictures she is dressed, so it “bribes are smooth”. But Smolov decided to joke on the subject of the noise which caused the photo shoot. In his blog, he wrote about a fun illusion on the photo: “Even I do not fully understand who is in the photo in boots!”

By the way, fans have criticized the cover and another for excessive photoshop. The 36-year-old Natalia has demonstrated that her face is not as perfect as before. She has wrinkles and bags under the eyes, and the glossy version it looks unnaturally young.