Natalia Vodianova no worries about wrinkles

Наталья Водянова не переживает из-за морщин

The model posted a touching picture microblogging and shared with fans the joy of motherhood.

Everyone knows love Vodianova children: the model itself is expecting fifth child! Certainly, Natalia often face difficulties in the upbringing, but what could be better than a large and loving family?

“The first nursing and taking care of his baby mother is considered our distant ancestor, duck-billed dinosaur Maiasaura. 75 million years later, the love of our “dinosaur” is not so much changed, and they still make us ahead of time to acquire wrinkles #getmouse #pervobytnye #moms,” wrote Vodianova with love in his microblog.

Fans are happy for Natalia and poblagodaril for a touching picture.

“Natalia is perfect!”, “Thats so true”, “You’re my good” – showered with compliments supermodel.

Recall that in late January it became known that Natalia Vodianova for the fifth time will become a mother! After a suspicious photo in Instagram with the rounded belly, the mother star confirmed the pregnancy.

“Yeah, Natasha and Antoine are expecting their second child,’ she said. — When Maxim was born, they immediately said that will not stop. So a baby who will be born in June, very welcome. Of course, they dream about the daughter, but the main thing – that the baby will be born healthy”.

“Pregnancy makes you more beautiful”, “Well, it’s happy weight!”, “Pride is ours! Our Natasha,” he Vodianova enough subscribers.

Despite four children and a pregnant Natasha has a very busy schedule.

“Now, when waiting for the fifth child, work much less and sleep longer, respectively. The rise time determines the youngest son, two-year Maxim. Breakfast in the morning is mandatory. Usually it’s either cereal or boiled egg, but always – fresh berries.

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