Наталья Водянова готовится к заплыву в ледяной воде
Supermodel invites along all comers.

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova is once again organizing
charity action. This time all collected money will be transferred in
support the Special Olympics. About the upcoming event Vodianova announced on his Istagram: “a Group of reckless daredevils, including me, are prepared
get in on the action “Freeze with the meaning of” dip March 19 in the open
the pool of Schladming in Austria — said Natalia. — Freezing the body but not the soul
history will give the start of the Winter Special Olympics in 2017. Naked, wet and
trembling enthusiasts, many will amuse all who see it in social networks.”

And those fans and followers that are not
dare to plunge into the icy water or for some reason can’t
to participate in the swim, Natalie encouraged to make donations in support of
Special Olympics. To attract the attention of supermodel posted on his personal page with his video
half-naked picture of glossy photo shoots and promised that more funds will be collected, the wider
her smile: “I Guarantee a show of gums is not for the faint of heart! The most generous
donors I personally write and note in Instagram stores”.

But most importantly, says Natalia that participants
the campaign will be able to support about five million athletes around the world, which the Special
The Olympics will help to unleash your potential and show courage.