Наталья Водянова провела мужу-французу экскурсию по Кремлю
The supermodel returns with his family from Russia to France.

Наталья Водянова провела мужу-французу экскурсию по Кремлю

Natalia Vodianova children

Photo: Instagram

Natalia Vodianova returned to Paris from Moscow, where she
flew to the world Cup. 36-year-old model attended the gala-concert in the Great
theatre on the closing of the world Cup, but also managed to see the capital of his civil
husband Antoine Arnault and children — 12-year-old Neve and 10-year-old Victor.

Together with the family
Natalia walked around a crowded football fans Neglinnaya in an elegant pale pink
dress Louis Vuitton. Together with Antoine and children, she went on a tour
in the Kremlin: for this visit, she chose a scarlet dress with white
pattern, and her favorite
the man opted for classic jeans and a Polo shirt
to match the dress Natalia. “Nothing
on earth can be better” — succinctly commented on the family photos

Friends and colleagues Vodianova during the whole time of her visit
to Moscow did not stop to wonder what a sincere and loving relationship she
saves my husband.

Natalia Vodianova with her husband and children

Photo: Instagram

Recall the first time Antoine saw Natalya in 2008, when she
was married to a British Lord Justin Portman.
Arno then headed the communication Department of the fashion house Louis Vuitton and Vodianova
filmed for the advertising campaign of this brand.

“Natalia’t even remember, he told Antoine kp.ru. — And I saw her for the first time, and I
literally fell off the jaw. It is, of course, beautiful, but it is something
special — view the atmosphere. Around it hovers
a very special aura”.

Their romance began to spin rapidly. After a few
months after meeting Arno told Natalia that she wants children. Vodianova ranged
— she could not decide on such an important step.

“I already had three beautiful children — says Vodianova. — So, maybe younger
I was given birth for him than for myself. If you love the man, I try
give him as many children as possible.”

“When you have two and a half years suddenly appears
five children is the most wonderful thing in the world, — said Antoine. Not only our with Natalia
common children but also her children. Now Natasha is a much more experienced mom than she
was when gave birth to the firstborn. And, it sounds a bit selfish, but
old as well help us with the youngest!”


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