Natalia Vodianova has taken decisive steps to “Eurovision”

Наталья Водянова приняла решительные меры по «Евровидению»
The model intends to defend the right of Yulia Samoilova to participate in international competition.

Наталья Водянова приняла решительные меры по «Евровидению»

Natalia Vodianova


Julia Samoylova

Photo: @jsvok Instagram Yulia Samoilova

Natalia Vodianova seriously undertook to assert the right of Yulia Samoilova represent Russia at the international competition “Eurovision”. Russian model encouraged its subscribers, which it has 1.3 million people to sign a petition in support of the singer.

“Honey, we need action! Each signature on this petition will not only be a word in favor of justice, but a voice against the hatred of our people against the political games and manipulations, in support of all our friends and loved ones on both sides of the border, in the name of peace and love. I know petitions work, but to win we will be only together!” — wrote Natalia.

The response to the statement Vodianova was contradictory. If many fans supported the model, there were those netizens who criticized Natalia for her decision to “stand” for Samoilov. Given the contradictory situation in the international arena, many fans believe that Julia needs to stay home and not participate in this year’s competition. However, despite the dissatisfaction of many fans, the appeal of Natalia has not gone unnoticed. And in a few hours “topple” the site server, where the collection of signatures.

Recall that Samoilova was forbidden to enter the territory of the host country at “Eurovision”, which means Julia inability to participate in the contest.