Natalia Vodianova has released its own cryptocurrency

Наталья Водянова выпустила собственную криптовалюту
The supermodel told about the benefits of love coins.

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova has launched
app Elbi, which you can use to transfer money
to a charitable organization in exchange for internal cryptocurrency LoveCoins. Super model
assured that he who gets the most Love Coins per day will receive
very valuable prizes — the accessories and things of famous brands.

“In the coming hours in
app @Elbi we are launching a charity game #ElbiDrop, — do about Natalia. Now, doing good, you may be awarded
the coolest stuff from the most coveted brands. Collect the greatest number
Love Coins 24
hours and become the owner of, for example, of this bag. It will be played in these
weekend but something completely unique from our partner Louis Vuitton will
to be played during that week every day.”

the app is available
version only for Android and only on the territory of Russia, Canada and India. According to
representatives Elbi
the application is undergoing the approval procedure in the AppStore and will be available for iOS in the near future.

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