Наталья Водянова объявила выпуск новой русской Барби

Natalia Vodianova became a mother for the fifth time, however, this does not prevent her to continue working to create and implement some new projects. One of them is the creation of a new Russian doll called Barbie Natalia.

The announcement of the launch of a new project was announced at the charity event Love Ball, a model shared with your followers on social media Instagram: “From the very beginning of the Fund “Naked heart” we actively promote the idea of the necessity of the game for the full development of each child. Now, thanks to the doll BarbieNatalia our program “Play with purpose” takes on new meaning. The most important thing: this is the first Barbie benefactor, as part of the funds from the sale of the dolls will go to Fund “Naked heart” on the establishment of a system of free services for families raising children with disabilities, and building inclusive playgrounds for children of all ages and capabilities“.

The doll will arrive in 2017. Circulation will be limited.


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