Natalia Vodianova for the first time started talking about a wedding

Наталья Водянова впервые заговорила о свадьбе
The supermodel congratulated on the marriage of his goddaughter civil husband.

Antoine Arnault and Natalia Vodianova


Natalia Vodianova congratulated on the marriage of his goddaughter civil husband, Antoine Arnault, a young French businesswoman Stephanie. At the party, held in one of the Parisian restaurants, Natalia bombarded with questions about her own wedding.

“In order to organize all as solemn and beautiful as it is today, you need a lot of time, and I just haven’t answered Vodianova. — Antoine and long consider themselves husband and wife. And be sure to write out, but not now. Although it is possible to say that today we rehearsed our wedding.” Judging by how determined Arnault, celebration may take place very soon. A year after meeting Natalia, he said that he wanted children by her. And she bore him sons, Maxim (who is now 3) and Roman (1 year).

“Maybe I’m more gave birth to Antoine than for themselves, — said the model, which from previous relationships there are still sons Lucas and Victor and daughter Neva. — If you love a man, I try to give him as many children as possible.”