Natalia Vodianova explained why not marry Antoine Arnault

Наталья Водянова объяснила, почему не выходит замуж за Антуана Арно

Russian top model Natalia Vodianova said the reasons for his unwillingness to marry French businessman Antoine Arnault.

Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault (Antoine Arnault) have been together for almost five years but still not married. In an interview with the magazine “7 Days” the supermodel said that to refuse marriage to her now is right for two reasons.

The first of these Vodianova called lack of time. “I spend so much energy on the organization of charity balls, auctions and other events related to the work of my Foundation “Naked heart”. Even scary to imagine how much you need to spend energy and time to organize our wedding! Very heavy work. I want everything to be beautiful. Not just the ceremony should be, and really beautiful, solemn, touching, wedding, — says Natalia. And to all the many family and friends enough attention slowly consider all the details. Might as well just sign, but Antoine wants everything to be for real, so I’m in a white dress…”.

“We are with Antoine very well together. And every day more and better. Better than it was five years ago. And, in fact, of course, we are not free. We are husband and wife. Scared to change even a small thing… And then the wedding… Especially when I got burned once… And suddenly something will change for the worse? But of course, sooner or later we’ll get married. If, God forbid, something happens, we have a responsibility, including for children and for each other, have the official right to make important decisions. But while it is not very important. Now I do not want to touch something that is working so wonderfully,” added Natalia.

Until 2011, Natalia Vodianova married British aristocrat Justin Portman (Justin Portman). From him she had three children: sons Lucas and Victor and daughter Neva. Natalia and Antoine, there are two General sons: Maxim and Roman.