Natalia Vodianova complained about wrinkles

Наталья Водянова пожаловалась на морщины The famous mother of four children, has shared with fans the joy of motherhood. Natalia Vodianova admits, that the heirs not only make her happy, but forced to age. However, the supermodel takes this philosophically.

      Наталья Водянова пожаловалась на морщины

      34-year-old supermodel and mother of four children who is now expecting fifth child from the civil husband, Antoine Arnault, posted on social networks a touching picture with his heir the Neva. In his post Natalia Vodianova has once again confessed in love to the old Maxim, 8-year-old Victor, a 14-year-old Lucas and 10-year-old Neva, and also revealed the happiness of being a mother. In addition, the star said that the children, despite the fact that bring joy into her life, forcing her to grow old. Heirs add the wrinkles on her beautiful face model with a world name.

      “The first nursing and taking care of his baby mother is considered our distant ancestor, duck-billed dinosaur Maiasaura. 75 million years later, the love of our “dinosaur” is not so much changed, and they still make us ahead of time to get wrinkles,” wrote Vodianova in his microblog, providing a publication hashtags “getmouse”, “pervobytnye” and “mothers”.

      Наталья Водянова пожаловалась на морщины

      Followers of Natalia expressed solidarity with the words star and enjoyed her family happiness. “Beautiful girl”, “Natalia perfect”, “thats so true”, “You’re my good”, “a nice photo”, “Natalia is a wonderful mother and philanthropist. Continue to inspire!”, “Love you,” wrote Vodianova fans from all over the world. Many of them have left Natalia in the comments of the emoticon with the image of hearts.

      By the way, Natalia Vodianova has become one of the main characters of the latest Pirelli calendar. The picture shows the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz supermodel posing in the image of the Madonna and child, whose role was performed by the youngest child of the stars — Maxime. Natalia for a very long time she hid him from the media spotlight.

      Наталья Водянова пожаловалась на морщины

      We will remind, at the moment the supermodel lives with her lover, millionaire Antoine Arnault, in Paris. Vodianova had moved to the French capital with their children. In interviews she admits that her life has changed, but core values remain the same — work, family and charity. At the moment Natalia is pregnant with the fifth child. By his own admission, Vodianova now weighs 60 pounds and dreams about the birth of his daughter.

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