Natalia Vodianova complained about wrinkles because of the children

Наталья Водянова пожаловалась на морщины из-за детей

As you know, the 34-year-old supermodel Natalia Vodianova will soon again become a mother.

Now under the heart of the model is the child conceived in the relations with the civil husband Antoine Arnault.

For Natalia this will be her fifth baby. Obviously, in your children Vodianova doted and constantly confesses his love, however, notes that they still affect it in a negative way. The star said that the children, despite the fact that bring joy into her life, forcing her to grow old. Heirs add the wrinkles on her beautiful face model with a world name.

“The first nursing and taking care of his baby mother is considered our distant ancestor, duck-billed dinosaur Maiasaura. 75 million years later, the love of our “dinosaur” is not so much changed, and they still make us ahead of time to get the wrinkles”, — Vodianova wrote on her microblog, providing a publication hashtags “getmouse”, “pervobytnye” and “mothers”.

Followers supermodel supported by a large mom in this statement, noting that it’s worth it.

“Beautiful girl”, “Natalia perfect”, “thats so true”, “You’re my good”, “a nice photo”, “Natalia is a wonderful mother and philanthropist. Continue to inspire!”, “Love you,” wrote Vodianova fans from all over the world.

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