Natalia Vlasova revealed the reasons for her divorce from her husband

Наталия Власова раскрыла причины развода с мужем The singer explained his decision. Natalia Vlasova lived with her husband Oleg Novikov 20 years. The actress is happy that he has supported her career from the very beginning, and were not against the scene, as many men
Наталия Власова раскрыла причины развода с мужем

This spring it became known that the singer of the hit “I’m yours” Natalia Vlasova is divorced from her husband Oleg Novikov. She chose not to disclose the reasons for the decision. Now, when the moment of rupture enough time has passed, the artist talks calmly about what happened. As it turned out, to the thoughts she and her husband came gradually and a point in the relationship put at the end of last summer. Natalia admitted that was the reason for such action. For 20 years they lived in perfect harmony.

“Then at some point we quietly turned just in relatives. And then in neighbors. Each started their own lives. Communication has become somewhat commonplace. Habit. And the contrast with how it was before, turned out to be quite a sad picture. We stopped to recharge each other’s energy, moved away from each other, and realized that turning back was just a no-no,” – said Natalia.
Наталия Власова раскрыла причины развода с мужем

Now the former spouses shared a teenage daughter Pelagia. Vlasov tried to do everything to the baby as easily as possible accepted information about their parents ‘ divorce. The singer and her husband for six months concealed from the girls that they are no longer together.

Наталия Власова раскрыла причины развода с мужем“We are most afraid of her reaction and pulled with the announcement of the breakup because of it. Although by that time we already lived separately. The breakup happened gradually. We nullified a joint pastime, referring to the father’s employment. And by the time we officially announced wringing about our breakup, she has managed to forget the fact that dad is around all the time”, – said the artist.

Natalia says – between daughter and father is very close and trusting relationship, which did not deteriorated after reports of a divorce. Now the singer with her daughter moved into a new apartment in the center of Moscow. She chose the house, whose Windows overlook the Garden ring. The actress admitted in an interview with “Telenedelya” that this is her first own place – before the family rented the apartment, since Natalia loves to frequently change their place of residence.