Natalia Vlasova remembered how stole someone else’s husband

Наталья Власова вспомнила, как увела чужого мужа The singer admitted that he fell in love with her future husband at first sight. However, she was troubled by the fact that he was not free. Over time, their fates cross paths, and they began to live together. Since then elect inseparable. Vlasov believes that in her personal life could not be different, because she from a young age and trained myself only to serious relations.

      Star 90 Natalia Vlasova doesn’t like to advertise their relationship, so try not to share with fans touching family shots with her beloved husband. Despite rumors that the marriage of the singer has long collapsed, the star says that she continues to live happily with the choice. The couple have been married for 17 years, and she Vlasov still can’t believe how quickly spun their romance.

      It turned out that when the actress met with businessman Oleg Novikov, he was in a serious relationship with another girl. But Natalia businessman liked it so much that she couldn’t conceive myself without it. By chance, their fates cross paths and just six months after they met they began to live together. The man decided to leave his wife and go with her from St. Petersburg to Moscow, where the star received tempting offers from music producers.

      “Oleg, I liked that, but at that time he was not free. Apparently, this was fate: after six months we moved in together and for 17 years you’re not. Still can’t accept that this figure is about us. In a spiritual sense, our relationship has changed a lot over the years, and now, after such period, they are more harmonious than ever,” shared the celebrity.

      Celebrity does not bother that her relationship with Oleg developed so rapidly. She felt a welcome from close up, so the opinion of others its not really volnovalo. Remembered as the star of the hit “I’m yours” wedding Novikov was like a joke. Oleg decided to raspisatsya with Natalia when she was in her eighth month of pregnancy. The wedding had to be postponed because Vlasov urgently put on the saving to the hospital. Only a month after the birth of his daughter Pelagia, the pair still came to the Registrar’s office. The singer admitted that it happened quite unexpectedly for both of them.

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      “When my daughter was a month old, came her to check in: our “door” was a place, and in the next, where they get married, nobody. Then we remembered the statement and decided to go. We were given the documents of the pen, we signed and all. The house is kept, where I paint, and on paper, huge tears. I then asked: “And this is my wedding?” My husband laughed and each took a picture of us on the background of signs of the registry office – so “walked,” said the celebrity.

      The star also said that the name for his daughter Pelagia also they have chosen not at once. Initially, a girl named Paulina, but after only six months after her birth the young mother greatly regretted it. According to the memoirs Vlasova, after one of the appointments with the pediatrician, she suddenly realized that the name Polina is very popular among young parents. “It seemed to me then that this is a very rare, beautiful name.Polina nowadays even more popular name than Natasha in my! Since Pauline is Pelageya the calendar, the variant was born. In January I began to collect documents and to Jun done. It took exactly six months!” – told the star in an interview with Woman’s Day.