Natalia Vlasova prepared for the fact that her daughter will never return to Russia

Наталия Власова готова к тому, что ее дочь никогда не вернется в Россию 16-year-old Pelagia made her own choice. Natalia Vlasova supported the decision of the child as only a dream that the girl was happy. The actress is glad that the heiress wants to get a good education.
Наталия Власова готова к тому, что ее дочь никогда не вернется в Россию

Singer Natalia Vlasova became famous thanks to the song “I’m yours”, performed in the 2000s. After the dizzying success, the artist continued to work and release new songs. She admits that she does not offend when it is associated with only one hit. According to her, many artists seek to record the single, which will be a kind of calling card.

For 18 years, Natalia lives happily with her husband for a career wife, he left the business in St. Petersburg to be with her in Moscow. Vlasov grateful to him for such sacrifice. The couple also has a daughter Pelagia. The singer gives her full freedom of choice of profession and place of residence. Natalia even prepared for the fact that the child will move to a different country.

“But in a year she is going to live in Spain and study in international school. And she has established contact with the school, sent the documents. She felt the excitement she is looking forward to when I can start school. This is very cool, and I think that 99% of such people in Russia will not return, because there is a different perception of the world. She now says that her husband is not Russian and live abroad,” – said Vlasov.

Now Pelageya 11 years. Natalia is happy that her daughter does not glory in the fact that her mother is a famous artist, but sometimes to bring a girl from school notes, or a disc with a request to sign for their classmates. Vlasov tries to be the perfect mother and is ashamed when a child blames her for her inattention.

“About once in four months she finds. In the morning I always sleep 9-10 hours, because the fall of 2-3, and Pelagia at 8 am already going with my mom to school. And my daughter comes to me and says: “Mommy, I wish I, as a normal child, came to school with his mother.” I shamefully silent, and the next morning I get up at seven in the morning, cook her Breakfast, and we go to school,” admitted Natalia.

The singer did not hide that her daughter dreams of a brother or sister. However, a couple of years ago the wife was not ready for another child. Now Vlasov shared with the publication that she and her husband do not exclude the possibility to become parents for the second time.

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