Natalia Vetlitskaya spoke to the Zemfira

Наталья Ветлицкая высказалась в адрес Земфиры The singer reacted to the release of a new version of the song “Look into my eyes”. The song, which became popular in 1992 after the release of the video, once again hit the trends when they began to show the film Alexander Molochnikova “Myths”.
Наталья Ветлицкая высказалась в адрес Земфиры

For several years Natalia Vetlitskaya lives abroad. The actress who became a star in the 90-ies, following the work of colleagues. The recently released remake of the song “Look into my eyes” which was originally performed by Natalia. In 1992, the world saw the clip, shot by Fedor Bondarchuk. The track was so polubila the audience that he sang the whole country. Now the job of Vetlitskaya familiar to a new generation, as it became the soundtrack to the film of Alexander Molochnikova “Myths”. Our video got Basta and the choice of Director Paulina Andreeva.

In the original video for the song “Look into my eyes” Vetlitskaya appeared in the image of the Madonna. “Someone decided to climb on the piano, the guard hit his head on a lamp — we didn’t put these scenes, it was an accident. We’ve had a long day and long night. I tried to remove. Himself and Fedya — he’s looking at the camera and closes her hand,” this story was told by the operator Sergey Kozlov’s book, “the Story of pop music from the Saltykov and Tree 1991-2011”.

A long period of time Vetlitskaya did not pay attention to such a creature. However, when the singer saw a new product. It is positively expressed in the address of a rock musician.

“It’s nice. Just at this moment I am officially a true legend. Thank you, lovely Zemfira! Back to basics,” wrote Vetlitskaya.

In the comments to the post Natalia began to discuss with users what song Zemfira ogna could do. “And about London, in the style of reggae,” said the star of the 90s.

For 10 years Vetlitskaya lives with her daughter in the Spanish city of Denia. Instead of music, Natalia deals with the restoration and decoration of homes. “Crossed paths with her on the street and in markets, – told the “StarHit” resident Denia Elena. Like most Russians living here, she is angry about the prices in Russian stores. The cost of food there twice above, than in Moscow. A pack of ravioli – from 400 rubles, the Bank of pickles – 300 rubles. Some enterprising immigrants even organized a business service. Make dumplings, and then deliver them to the customers”.