Natalia Vetlitskaya discovered the secret of eternal youth

Наталья Ветлицкая открыла секрет вечной молодости Popular in the ‘ 90s, the singer surprised fans with his selfie. In the picture the star looks rather young, so fans assumed that Natalia has a special recipe for eternal beauty.

      Наталья Ветлицкая открыла секрет вечной молодости

      Popular star of the 90 Natalia Vetlitskaya rarely publish their photos in social networks. But recently the singer has pleasantly surprised fans when they posted a few selfies on the page in “Facebook”.

      In one of the photos Vetlitskaya appeared in the form of a fatal beauty with bright eyes. This frame was a pleasant surprise for fans of star blondes. They noted that, despite its age, the star looks great on his face no wrinkles. It is hard to imagine that the actress will soon turn fifty-two years. “I haven’t been doing the public gifts”, signed pictures of star.

      One of the first in a new photo responded Angelica Varum and Alika Smekhova. Friends of the singer pointed out that she hasn’t changed a bit over the years and looks as good as many years ago. Vladimir Presnyakov-senior, too, couldn’t get past the picture Vetlitskoj. “Still beautiful! No, even better!”, – posted by honored artist of Russia in his comments.

      Like many celebrities, Natalie tries to communicate with fans online, and also respond to all comments and requests. However, the secret of “eternal youth” to their subscribers artist never revealed. We can assume that the star has a luxurious look thanks to a healthy lifestyle and vegetarianism. Footage from a recent photo shoot with Igor Grigoryev in Paris could not be better prove that Vetlitskaya not change with age and looks very impressive.

      After my daughter was born in 2004 Natalia ceased to speak, and later went to live in Spain. Now a celebrity dwells in a beautiful mansion, located between Valencia and Alicante, is leading the quiet life of the housewife, she is raising her coach and interested in spirituality. Returning to Russia, Natalia is not going to, because he believes that abroad life is calmer. At the beginning of this year in social networks, the singer told that her daughter Ulyana grows smart and kind girl. The star has managed to instil in a girl the right approach to life and love for animals. However, baby photos Vetlitskaya does not show, as does not like to interfere in family life.

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