Наталья Вавилова съехала из особняка на Рублевке The star of the movie “Moscow does not believe in tears” and her husband abandoned the property in the exclusive area. Natalia Vavilova and Samvel Gasparov lived in a two story cottage, which was built by the project of the artist. However, the pair sold the site and moved to an apartment in the South-West of Moscow.
Наталья Вавилова съехала из особняка на Рублевке

For 26 years, the actress Natalia Vavilov did not appear on movie screens. The star of “Drawing” and “Moscow does not believe in tears” viewers last saw in 1991, when he published a picture of “the Case Sukhovo-Kobylin”. Despite the fact that her husband Samvel Gasparov – known Director, in his picture of the “trap for the killer”, which was released in 2008, there was no role for his wife. However, the artist had hoped that she would offer to play a decent character.

Natalya Vavilova: bright start, an unfortunate injury and the absence of children

For a long time the couple lived in a mansion on the ruble, which was built by the project itself Vavilova. Natalia was engaged in gardening and was a homemaker. How did you learn to journalists, Gasparov and Vavilov decided to sell two-storey mansion and moved to housing in the South-West of Moscow. Also the couple have a two-bedroom apartment in Bulgaria on the coast, where they go to rest every summer.

“Natasha is happy with his life. Preparing amazing. Now they Samvel sometimes get sick. Have Myself a problem with my hands. So he is going to leave with Natasha in his hometown of Tbilisi. There is much warmer, and the air is cleaner. A few weeks ago, they are already there stayed and I assure you that began to feel much better,” said the husband of the actress Hope Rumyantsev Willie Stoan.
Наталья Вавилова съехала из особняка на Рублевке

Vavilov long time not talking to the press, providing that opportunity to your spouse. According to people from the environment pair, Samvel continues to write scripts, but until they are in a hurry to sell. Natalia keeps house – husband prepares the meals. She studied the intricacies mom Gasparov. She knew that the chosen one really misses the Caucasian cuisine, and so try to please him.

The couple had no children. In 1986, during filming, the actress fell from the horse. As journalists learned, at the time of the tragedy she was pregnant. Due to the serious spinal injury of the child could not be saved.

Наталья Вавилова съехала из особняка на Рублевке

Recently the correspondent of the publication “Express Gazeta” met Natalia Vavilov in one of the supermarkets. According to them, the artist long time studied the labels on the products, to take the best. Judging by the set of products she was going to cook satsivi.