Наталья Варвина принимает поздравления с пополнением в семье In the family star had a baby. Sister Natalia Varvina gave birth to a boy. The cross of the son of a celebrity has named Ivan. The blonde had already become acquainted with him and even gave him a bed with a canopy.
Наталья Варвина принимает поздравления с пополнением в семье

While Natalia Varvina and her husband – the General producer of the project “Dom-2” Alexey Mihajlovsky – you don’t have kids. But recently, the light appeared the nephew of the star couple. Little Vanya and his mom feel good and already discharged from the hospital. Natalia shared the good news with their fans in the microblog.

“How all our family was waiting for you! We are pleased that you have there! Our Vanya! Our sweet little. Sister my favorite, life of mine, thank you for my sweet godson,” – wrote in Instagram of Varvina.

Young woman could not hide her excitement from the completion of the family. She gladly accepts congratulations and shares details of the first days of baby’s life. In honor of the birth crumbs Natalia bought a crib with white canopy. In addition, she decorated it with a bunch of colorful balloons. Choreographer of telestone admitted that the somewhat selective approach to the choice of children’s furniture.

Fans of ex-member of the main telestroke could not leave unnoticed its publication. They wrote a lot of comments under the post with congratulations and good wishes to the newborn. Some users of the social network praised his idol for tender feelings to the boy and asked if she could be a mother in the near future.

“Congratulations! Your baby’s health”, “Natasha, you too, should be happy parents”, “for some reason I thought it was yours. But with the godson congratulations”, “What a cute baby! Just a little angel! Babies are biggest happiness and the greatest joy! Let all who dream of motherhood will come true a dream, and will appear this crumb”, “Natasha, how do we expect when you give us your baby birth”, “So touching. Even a greeting and the text feels like you are happy and waited for the meeting!” noted followers.

No wonder fans want Marvinol to find mother’s fortune, after all, a young woman manifests himself as the real Keeper of the hearth and the perfect hostess. Natalia regularly indulges chosen culinary masterpieces of their own cooking. In addition, it even spins his own tomatoes for the winter.

Recall that the relationship of Michael and Marvinol became known in 2013. The lovers are not only married, but married in the Church. For several years the couple lives together, travels abroad, comes up with projects and support each other in all situations. Natalia Varvina met her husband for the brawl