Natalia Varvina celebrated the anniversary in the company of starry friends

Наталья Варвина отметила юбилей в компании звездных подруг Spouse Alexis Michael was 35 years old. On this occasion, she organized a festive dinner in one of the capital’s restaurants. The event appeared best friend Natalia Varvina, among them Ksenia Borodina and Elena Bushina.

Natalia Varvina is considered one of the brightest participants of the project “Dom-2” in the entire history of its existence. The young woman has long left the show, but her army of fans continues to grow. Despite an enviable popularity, the star decided to celebrate the birthday modestly, in a narrow circle of close friends.

The party were invited Ksenia Borodina with her husband Kurban Omarov, as well as Elena Bushina and her husband Dmitry Zheleznyak. Star girlfriend shared photos and videos from the celebration, holiday, actively congratulating the hero of the occasion.

Natalie on the eve of the anniversary of posted a rare photo with his father and thanked parents for their love.

“I’m 35! Thanks to my beloved parents, you are the best! Mommy, you’re always in my heart, always with me. Daddy, thank you for being there, even despite the fact that we live in different cities, you support us and help! Health to you, love,” wrote Vallina.

On the occasion, ex-member of “House-2” appeared in a shiny suit with stripes. His young woman added a bright blouse. Many fans praised Natalia for uncommon bow, noting that she knows how to combine things and looks good even in the most unusual outfits.

Ksenia Borodina also gave preference to the austere way. This evening she was wearing a jacket of fuchsia and black dress pants.

But Elena Bushina has relied on sexuality. She appeared on occasion in dark mini, which perfectly highlighted her slim legs. Two ex-participants “Houses-2” friends for many years and almost all of the holidays to meet together.

During the party the stars shared their memories and news. Due to the busy schedules of young women rarely see each other, but each their meeting is emotional. Perhaps it is for warm home atmosphere, she decided to abandon the holiday with a huge number of guests. She celebrated the anniversary in a narrow circle of friends.

At the end of the holiday the waiters made a gorgeous cake for Varvina. The young woman blew out the candles to the song Irina Allegrova and the endless congratulations of friends.