Наталью Штурм обманули на шоу Дмитрия Шепелева The singer told about the situation. Natalya came on the program, but editors told her that because of the irascibility of the protagonist Eugene Osina they did not succeed to capture the scene.
Наталью Штурм обманули на шоу Дмитрия Шепелева

Many participants of the program “actually” are often dissatisfied with the results of shooting. Natalia Shturm, who participated in the transfer of Evgeny Aspen said in a microblog that the editors of the show “actually” cheated on her. She came to the Studio, and she was told that filming has already ended.

“Invite the person spends the life of six hours, and then come those editors who begged you to come and make mournful eyes: “And all shooting is over! And there is nothing we will not do.” I understand, but the fact that the main character – a heavy alcoholic Zhenya Osin, you have been known for a long time! And four times I refused to take part in this forgotten topic for me. As a result, I spent my time was in the beauty shop, bought a fancy dress specifically for filming, but the main character was sick, but clearly had to sit through the entire 3 hour program, conversing with women, very distantly related. I was promised that there would come a wife and daughter, but they were not! And I wanted to meet her, make peace with him”, – explained the situation to the Assault.

According to Natalya, half an hour before coming to the telecentre, she called the editor and said that all the agreements in force. “I’m not the first who expressed outrage related to the invited artists. Alexander Danko, Masha Rasputina – all I remember. But I always like to treat people how they treat me. I appreciate your time. And many artists too. Today threw me. Yes, I painted, dressed-up like a doll, waiting for a meeting with an unpleasant person to me, but did the job. I was thrown,” she added.

Besides the Assault banned editors use the images recorded during the passage of a lie detector. She hinted that the use of video it will be considered invasion of privacy.

Some followers of the Storm suggested that she went on the program to once again appear on air of the Federal channel. “I generally thank not interested. I am an artist and do their job” – so said the star of ‘ 90s detractors.

By the way, among the judges in the Studio was attended by Anastasia Volochkova. The ballerina shared the scenes from the shooting in his microblog.