Natalia Storm was working a con with a strange man

Наталья Штурм задумала аферу с незнакомым мужчиной The star of the ‘ 90s took risks. Natalie Storm went on a date with a mysterious suitor. Mystery man sent the actress a personal message in which he insisted on the meeting. Users of social networks is ambiguous attitude to the decision of Natalia.
Наталья Штурм задумала аферу с незнакомым мужчиной

Outrageous singer Natalia Shturm often shared on social networks moments from your life. Recently, the actress said that the fan has a date with her. According to the singer, one stranger sent her a message asking to meet. Natalia couldn’t resist the charm of her admirer and decided to go meet him.

While at the airport, the Storming of shared emotions with the subscribers of his microblog. The woman did not begin to hide that worried about the upcoming meeting with a fan. Natalia also promised to the followers to keep them updated.

“Do you believe in a fairy tale? My life is like a movie-fiction. A couple of days ago an unknown young man wrote to me in direct: “You are my dream!” Instagram is not a Dating site: there you see not only beautiful pictures, but also read the comments of haters. Here you are at a glance – and tired, and sad, and romantic… This man (by the way, he’s 32) offered me a break from my eternal race and feel like a Queen. And now I’m flying… Yes, it’s a gamble. But perhaps the way people meet, unexpectedly and spontaneously,” shared Natalya.

Users of social networks began to discuss the decision of the singer. Their opinions are divided. Some wished Natalie good luck and expressed hope that she will meet an interesting person. “Good”, “Great adventure is you”, “keep it up! But it is necessary to notify who it is and where you’re going,” “I Hope your fan will be decent”, “wow! This, of course, the adrenaline”, “Fun”, “Great”, “Right to live in pleasure,” wrote those who supported the artist.

At the same time, other subscribers Sturm, on the contrary, hastened to condemn her behavior. According to them, Natalia was worth to carefully weigh the pros and cons before you fly to the unknown man. “Come to your senses”, “the Main thing that it was not a maniac, And he can not come to you?”, “The horror” – commented the Internet users.

We will remind that not so long ago Natalia Shturm took part in the filming of “In fact” along with the star reality show “Dom-2” Alexandra Goias. The girl turned to the show to know whether or not the groom cheated on her with the star of the 90s. After the ether Natalia criticized Alexander.

Alexander Gosias told about bullying Konstantin Ivanov

Наталья Штурм задумала аферу с незнакомым мужчиной“It looks like the program was devoted to my worthy anniversary. Helpless, memorized on telestroke phrases, the former participant of “House-2” Alexander Gosias clumsily tried to get me to “congratulate”. (…) Then I confused myself because she has no particular goals in life, but wants to live nice and sweet. Then there was her former roommate Konstantin Ivanov and rebuked Gosias infidelity,” said Sturm.