Наталья Стефаненко шокирована разрушениями в Италии The TV presenter said that her house remained intact, and no one in my family was hurt. Now Natalia Stefanenko is on holiday in Spain with my family. She is very worried about everyone who was the victim of a natural disaster.

      Tonight was for Italian citizens a real challenge. In the morning a strong earthquake occurred, which has reached more than six points on the Richter scale. The Central part of the country was the epicenter of the quake – hardest hit Norcia and Accumuli, the city of Amatrice and Pescara del Tronto. Some buildings were destroyed, and under the rubble, according to media reports, killed about 40 people.

      Near the epicenter of the earthquake is the house of TV presenter, which she constantly projivaet husband. But at the time of the tremors she was vacationing in Spain. “StarHit” decided to contact Stefanenko, to see if he suffered any family from natural disasters.

      “Natalia is currently in Spain on vacation. About the disaster they were told my husband’s parents. Fortunately they were not injured, strongest earthquake has not affected them. Parents say that now all the people began to donate blood to help the victims. Natalia is very worried and condolences to all who have been a victim of a natural disaster,” – said the agent Stefanenko.

      The presenter also has published in his microblog photo of destroyed buildings and condolences to those who suffered and remained without a roof over your head. Fans of the TV presenter also expressed words of sympathy. “That’s creepy. Condolences to the injured,” “God bless Italy! Such a beautiful country, where rest the soul, even listening to Italian speech, “it is a Pity that nobody is immune to it. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!” – wrote numerous fans.

      We will remind that Natalia has been for many years living in Italy together with her husband Luca Sabbioni. They are raising a daughter Alexandra. More than 20 years the TV presenter happily married. Natalia repeatedly noted the elegance of Italian men who very closely monitor their appearance. According to her, the Bow may long to choose pants that stop at those setting would be ideal. Also, a man maybe a few times a day to change.

      “For me Luca is the ideal of male beauty, and I am pleased that he is like others,” said Stefanenko.

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