Natalia Shturm went to the “House-2”

Наталья Штурм отправилась на "Дом-2"
Natalia Shturm is trying by all means to attract the attention of the public.

Наталья Штурм отправилась на "Дом-2"

The singer frequently appears on various talk shows, and now apparently the turn of the infamous “House-2”. Natalia in his Instagram posted photos from the set, but why she came there, she didn’t.

Наталья Штурм отправилась на "Дом-2"

“Now, at his peak – I’m on the set of Home-2. And who will emozionanti for this reason I by his beard, pull hard, loud shout, and the showdown will meet on Calvary. But seriously, this program daily watch 15 million, so…” – wrote the Assault.

But fans of the singer did not appreciate the arrival of the stars on the TV show and criticized her for this decision.

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