Natalia Shturm selects the repertoire, Eugene Osina

Наталья Штурм отбирает репертуар у Евгения Осина Recently the artist released a new song. As it turned out, Natalia Shturm is planning to compete with the hit “Tanya + Volodya”, who once sang Evgeniy Osin. The woman claims that the author of the track he gave it to her.
Наталья Штурм отбирает репертуар у Евгения Осина

Evgeny Osin quarreled with the peers Natalya Sturm. During a recent broadcast of “Let them talk” is the star of the ‘ 80s left the Studio when the film appeared, the singer of the hit “high School romance”. The actor said that outraged by the behavior of the woman he called a liar, and hastened to say good-bye to the audience.

Apparently, the row between a Wasp and a Storm gaining momentum. Recently Natalie took part in the presentation of the video Anna Kalashnikova for the song “Without makeup”. The actress said that stands with a new song. Imagine the surprise of all present, when the Storm suddenly began to sing the lines of the hit Evgeniya Osina “Tanya + Volodya”:

Why am I sad?
You are going back side
Again down
Can’t two words I associate…

While the singer was moving in time to the music, the audience looked at each other in surprise. Some have suggested that Natalia decided to take revenge on Eugene. After the artist has finished speaking, she hastened to explain the choice of repertoire. Natalia said that plays a song legally, they say, she now has the rights to this track.

“Yes. I do sing a hit “Tanya + Volodya”. It gave me the author of the track Oleg Chelyshev. Eugene did not write this song. We have already signed all the necessary documents. Has made a new arrangement together with the rapper Yuri Calovski and now we are going to make money while Osin thumps. Thank you, Jack, much for this opportunity. Continue in the same spirit. And we are waiting for the concert,” said Sturm.

Meanwhile, social media users reacted ambiguously to the “new” songs Natalia. Some have found that the version of Eugene Osina was much better. “Aspen no one to sing “What their” hits ” extinct?”, – they said. At the same time, others praised the Assault in a fiery room.

Previously, Natalia has criticized the behavior of Eugene. In the air, “Let them talk” artist who was trying to help Aspen, also said that is not offended at him.

“Jen, I don’t hold it against you for something you said that I was allegedly poisoned. You know that it was not. All these years I friendly loved. You came to my wedding, was my warm friend, I told you about their troubles, we’ve spent so much time on the road. You just forgot because you have a friend who you watered. My attempt to heal you had a heart desire. I’m not a penny received, and you call it PR. I am hurt and offended that you did this,” – said the singer.