Наталья Штурм резко ответила Алене Апиной
The other day the conflict broke out between Epinoy Alena and Natalya Sturm.

Наталья Штурм резко ответила Алене Апиной

In November 2016, Natalia Shturm in one of the programs expressed their opinions about her husband’s infidelity Epinoy.

“I don’t know. I do not exclude that the producer had something to seek, to find, to lose. They have for a career is the amount of temptations and so many women who want to have something… It may not be in the nature of infidelity, it may be in the nature of the process,” said Natalia.
Recently Apina decided to respond to these words, saying that he and Natalie had never been friends, so she wasn’t supposed to comment on her relationship with her husband.

Наталья Штурм резко ответила Алене Апиной

“She knows about me as much as I hardly ever know. Thank you, Natalia, you’re so helping me out! Thank you for find time to talk about my personal life in a talk show on the Central TV channels! And it’s nothing that we except “Hello” and “goodbye” to each other, said nothing, because in all my almost 30-year stage career, I was lucky to see you only 2-3 times! (…) Unless anyone is interested, I pluck the phone and offer money for participation in such a show! This is how stupid you have to be to not take advantage of the situation and shake his underwear in front of our whole country,” wrote Allen in a social network.

In the end, these words came to Natalia’s Assault, which has decided to defend and answer the charges.

“Wonderful person with so much patience!” is all what I have said about the Allen Epinoy in the sole transmission of “Live”. I apologize for these words, take them back. I’ve never really been and are not a close friend Alena’s Ipinoy. The text that says the host, introducing the guest – authorship writers program, not mine. From my mouth has never suggested that we close friends and friends in General. Agreeing to go, not an expert, I was hoping to rescue Alena. (…) I was extremely polite and expressed only my own opinion, however, as always,” shares Storm.

What will end this conflict, we will see after some time.

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