Natalia Shturm has introduced a grown-up daughter with her young lover

Наталья Штурм познакомила взрослую дочь со своим молодым любовником
The singer spoke about his new relationship.

Natalia Shturm with Tigran

Photo: @nataliashturm Instagram Natalia Shturm

50-year-old Natalia Shturm took part in the filming of “About love”. In the program, the singer first introduced the 27-year-old daughter Elena her young lover’s. Natalia met 34-year-old Tigran about a year ago on the plane. Storm admitted that for her it was love at first sight. On the first day of the meeting, theirs was a whirlwind romance that continues to this day.

The relationship of the actress with her lover regularly undergo the test of long separation. ARIN resides in Amsterdam, where he worked as an analyst in a Bank. But Natalia lives and works in Moscow. However whenever a Storm takes the next flight and flies to his beloved. Incidentally, Tigran said that before the meeting with Natalia was not aware that she is a famous person. He was not familiar with her work, including the acclaimed song “Over a high school romance…”, which once glorified the Storm and still remains her calling card.

A big age difference does not bother a few, because Natalia looks and feels on the age written in the passport. Some time ago, the singer made his “tuning”: put in silicone implants, got veneers, and trimmed the shape of the lips. In addition, the Storm regularly attends a fitness club and beautician.