Наталья Штурм: «Бывший муж-алкоголик увозит от меня сына» The singer told “StarHit” about family problems. According to Natalia Assault, her ex-husband Igor Pavlov is suffering from alcohol addiction. Moreover, the man periodically tells their son nasty things about mother.
Наталья Штурм: «Бывший муж-алкоголик увозит от меня сына»

Singer Natalia Shturm known for his outrageous behavior and candid photos. The artist is always funny on TV shows, so fans are not even aware of its problems in his personal life.

Dealing with “StarHit”, Natalia complained about the actions of the ex-wife of Igor Pavlov, whom he divorced 12 years ago. According to star, the man often drunk, rarely at home, so their son Arseny left to himself.

“Assault and drunkenness of the husband destroyed our family. As a result, the child pulled in two families. This is an incorrect model of the relationship. Ex-husband does not discuss with me his study, saying only bad things. Sets the child against her mother. Dad think he correctly brings. But how can to properly educate a drinker? He three or four days is inadequate, and the rest goes in the Smolensk region. There he became interested in agriculture and child there drags,” he told Storm.

13-year-old Arseny now lives with his father, so the singer cannot always control educational aspects. She is ready to forgive her husband past wrongs and to come into contact with him, but Igor Pavlov refuses to build a normal dialogue.

According to Natalia, because of the lack of parental attention son can’t fully use its potential.

“He is now studying in a very Lomonosov high school, the father pays for the expensive training, so he lives. But he’s a boy, so naughty. Igor could at least tutor him in math, look for Tutors. But he did not need. He leaves on Tuesday to his village near Smolensk and lost there all week. Before the son adored the father, but with age began to realize that it is impossible to get drunk to such a state and so to behave with people”, – said Natalia.

Now the star is in Spain. She often posts striking images against the sea and attractions. However, in Europe the artist is left to solve the financial problems. Dealing with “StarHit”, Natalia confessed that greeted the New year, being not in the best mood.

“Because I was not avenged. Due to Igor I had five fractures, and he ultimately suffered no punishment. But I still believe in love. You know, the New year wish to meet the perfect man, a good, decent, who can help me in all endeavors,” shared Natalya.

Now heart star free. Storm loves the son and daughter. She tries to hold the heirs of all the free time, giving them love and care.