Natalia Shturm explain why Evgeny Osin lost family

Наталья Штурм объяснила, почему Евгений Осин лишился семьи According to the singer, blame it on the alcohol artist. Natalia Shturm, who wanted to save his colleague and cure him, refused this idea. The woman claims that addiction to alcohol has provoked conflict in the family of a musician, and he told people close to him.
Наталья Штурм объяснила, почему Евгений Осин лишился семьи
Наталья Штурм объяснила, почему Евгений Осин лишился семьи

Natalia Shturm tried to help Eugene Aspen, who lives alone and needs money for treatment. The woman called the doctors and persuaded a colleague to go to a medical facility. However, he refused. Previously, the star of the 90s complained about problems with the feet. Sturm explained that actually the ocean is suffering from alcoholism, and all the money that he transferred, he may drink. Evgeny Osin quarreled with Natalya Sturm

The musician came to one of the shows, and said that people close to him turned away from him. According to Aspen, the wife betrayed and the daughter wants to communicate. Natalia Shturm announced new details to journalists about the family conflict Eugene. The woman claims that the reason the alcoholism of the artist.

“Poor, poor people – his wife and daughter. Besides that it is unbearable to live together, so more of the apartment kicked them out. He’s cute when sitting, and he drinks. For many, this will be helpful information – how to find a common language with marrying a Wasp. Need to bring a bottle to give money – and you’re done. It’s not he has no daughter, and the daughter has no father,” – explained Natalia.

Sturm believes that alcoholism will ruin the artist. According to her, the money that ocean receives from fans or appearing on television, he spends on alcohol. The musician has supported the singer at this difficult time, so she decided to lend him a helping hand. Natalia said the “Source” that does not tolerate drunkenness, as many men surrounding her, suffered from alcoholism.

“I’m a man tough enough for a long time in show business and I know that in this world nothing sacred. In the case of Eugene retreated from the rules, as long acquainted with him. He was with me when I got married, when my husband hurt me… Eugene comforted and fed, we went together on tour. Do not cease to say that he was a great musician, but as a person… I wanted to cure him of his reasons: all my life suffer from alcoholics,” said the singer.

We will remind, Evgeny argued that drinking “not more than others”, and the wife just betrayed him and went to a rich man. Star 90s Evgeny Osin: “I’ve stopped drinking and reconciled with his daughter”

“We are nine months sued for the child. She had a claim. She wanted to get something out of acquired jointly. I was to blame, as I took her in the company of wealthy people,” said Osin in one of the shows.