Natalia Shturm attacked Evgeniya Osina

Наталья Штурм напала на Евгения Осина Singer does not believe that the performer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” will be able to pull myself together. Natalia Shturm doubts in successful completion of treatment Evgeniya Osina who suffer from alcoholism. According to women, he wants to relax in Thailand “for free”.
Наталья Штурм напала на Евгения Осина

Evgeny Osin, whose disappearance in mid-August, discussed the whole country, is now being treated for alcohol dependence in Thailand. Singer helps TV presenter Dana Borisova, who also struggles with addiction. In Instagram famous blondes periodically footage from star 90. Eugene was looking much better than few weeks ago, when his worried neighbours contacted the program “Let them talk”.

Some time ago, the singer Natalia Shturm was trying to help a friend, and then quarreled with him. According to the artist, her colleague in show business categorically refused to admit their problem and treatment. Recently, reporters contacted the performer, who shared their own thoughts on the treatment of Aspen. Natalia doesn’t believe that Eugene abused alcohol for 30 years, is able to overcome himself.

“I don’t believe in happy ending of this story. It is now completely. There was some hope in the beginning, now it is not. You will not see Eugene Osina in tears of gratitude, kissing the hands of their rescuers. Well knowing Eugene, I do suggest that in Thailand he left to relax for free. He’s seduced by the fact that it is a resort, they’ll feed him, he will not want for anything,” – says the artist.
Наталья Штурм напала на Евгения Осина

Moreover, the Assault was called Aspen impudent and selfish. Singer does not think that the contractor is ready to pull myself together for the sake of heir.

“He doesn’t care about the daughter. A causal link in many articles was distorted because first it was alcoholism and then he was left by his wife and daughter,” said she.

Natalia is confident that the family of Eugene tried to fight his addiction to alcohol. However, after some time friends of the artist waved his hand, tired of arguing with the singer, who did not want to be treated. “As many people with him over the years have worked,” the woman added.

Natalia Shturm explain why Evgeny Osin lost family

At the same time, Storm believes that aspen pulled the lucky ticket when they took Nikita Lushnikov, Chairman of the National anti-drug Union. Artist still worried about the colleague in show business, despite the conflict with him. Natalia does not exclude the probability that Eugene will be able to cope with their problems.

“He is a man of absolutely ungrateful. I don’t think that will be a good final. Although I would like to hope”, – quotes the Storming of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.