Natalia Rudova showed the newborn son of Anna Sedokova

Наталья Рудова показала новорожденного сына Анны Седоковой
A friend of the singer has posted the first photo of the baby.

Наталья Рудова показала новорожденного сына Анны Седоковой

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

A week ago Anna Sedokova was a large mummy. The singer gave birth the long awaited son. 34-year-old actress has not yet decided to show the baby, but her friend — Natalia Rudova has already published the first picture of the newborn. In her microblog appeared a photo on which was imprinted the baby, however, not entirely, but only his leg.

Natalia Rudova

Photo: @rudovanata Instagram Natalia Employment

“Our treasure… Baby,he’s just wonderful, congratulations! We waited for you!” — signed photo of Natalia.

Most likely, Anna will lend themselves to modern stellar fashion and the first time will hide the face of his son. The name of the boy Anna is also not disclosed. As reported by the performer, the delivery was not as smooth as she would like. Sedokova promised to share the details of the difficulties encountered later. Meanwhile, Anne’s daughter: Alina and Monica waited impatiently for the appearance of the brother at the light. The next day after birth, the girls visited mom in the hospital to meet him.

By the way, on the fifth day after birth, the singer first came out, which surprised his many fans. Apparently, Sedokova will not stay on maternity leave and will return to work as soon as possible.