Natalia Rudova has pleaded imperfect

Наталья Рудова признала себя неидеальной
The singer said that makes her look good.

Natalia Rudova

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Natalia Rudova is one of the most beautiful women in
our show-business. It wants to be like the millions of women
sex, therefore, often ask his hero one question: “How she manages so well
look like?”

Rudova was not secretive and shared her secret of beauty and harmony: bet on sports and proper

“I’m not in perfect shape,
I’m pretty average in form, as they say, to plow me and plow. I write this
not to all wrote that it was wrong and I’m perfect, believe me, —
Rudova said. So, with an increase of 173
cm and I weigh 57 to 58 pounds, I have light bones. I could, and wanted to weigh in
a maximum of 55, but since I do sports, muscles have no, and
they weigh properly. So, I always limit myself in food because I get better,
even when just looking at my favorite pastry. And depends on the food
the quality of your body.

If you want to throw, I sit on a rigid diet
(chemical, available online), but that’s only if direct need. Says
my trainer, you just need to eat the right foods and once a week to arrange a
holiday and eat whatever I want.”

Rudova also told what things stimulate it
training. “I’m creepy
lazy, I force myself to exercise because I want to look
well — this is the most important incentive, in my opinion, — says Natalya. — So
what, love yourself, and if not enough incentive, look at yourself in the mirror and
think about it: once you look bad now, how will you look in 10 years? It makes me raise my ass and take to the gym, and sew yourself
my mouth because I love myself. And so, I would eat the brownies and would not engage in