Natalia Podolsky has forced to speak about pregnancy

Наталью Подольскую заставили высказаться о беременности Fans of the singer suspect that it is in an interesting position. The reason for the speculation of followers Natalia began her outfits a boxy cut, in which the star recently seen in public. Recently a young woman hastened to clarify the situation with a possible addition to the family.

      Recently, the 34-year-old Natalia Podolskaya has provoked rumors about the pregnancy. The fact that the celebrity would often appear in public in dresses free cut. Fans of the actress began to discuss her interesting position in the comments to the posts. “I watched Saturday night, thought you were in position, Waiting for the child?” “Congratulations on the future addition to the family,” wrote the followers Podolsk.

      Reading the opinion of the subscribers, Natalia hurried to tell the truth about their situation. The star published the photograph in the stylish and spacious overalls, concealing the waist, and commented on rumors about a possible addition to her family.

      “When you have shooting all day, there is nothing easier jumpsuit. I’m not pregnant, so went”, – told Natalia Podolskaya in Instagram.

      Earlier, in July this year, the actress was also suspected in an interesting position. Then she shared photos from a vacation in Spain, where she posed in voluminous outfits, wide tunics, capes and dresses-the bells. Clothing style star brought fans thinking she was pregnant. “StarHit” learned from the representative of Podolsk Anna Isaeva, are the true rumors about the new addition to the family Podolsk and Presnyakov. However, a source close to the singer denied this information.

      By the way, in the interview with “StarHit” the husband of Natalia Vladimir Presnyakov said that dreams about daughter. His fiancee reported that they are working on it. That’s why many fans of the star couple so closely followed the style of clothes Podolsk. It is also worth noting that the young woman with understanding and humor refers to the rapid discussion of its followers.

      Vladimir Presnyakov: “Now I want a daughter”

      We will remind that Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov were married in 2010. In June 2015, the charming actress gave birth to the heir of Artemis, which was the first for her and second for Vladimir, who has a son, Nikita, from his first marriage with Christina Orbakaite. Birth Podolsky lasted 10 hours and were attended by a sister of a young woman and her mother and husband. To extract Natalia from the hospital came the best friends of the couple, including Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin.